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About Jane


camping at Pumamarca

That’s me, second from the left. Pretty much where I stand politically as well. Left handed as well. I am a writer, a poet, a scholar, and a shaman. I’m what they call today an “earth based pagan” meaning I believe all things to be alive and sacred. I’ve always been a pagan, I’m not a recovering anything. In October I specialize in being a witch, the rest of the year I work from a spiritual, ceremonial base rather than spell work or casting. I’m a healer and ritual specialist. My lineage is of the Inca of the Q’ero of Peru. They are my teachers. My tribe is Celt. MtDNA R1B1B2…can’t get much Celtier.

I studied philosophy, history and anthro in school and I have a BA in philosophy from Colorado Woman’s College, an MA in Material Culture Studies from Cal. State Univ. Sacramento. I’m an expert in Native North American beadwork and costume, as well as European textile history. I’ve written extensively on textile history for Piecework magazine.

I have written two collections of poetry, Too Deep For Tears, and The Spirit Birds. A memoir entitled How I Learned to Smoke: An American Girl in Iran a coming of age memoir about the 7 yrs I spent living in Iran and Lebanon. And most recently, Becoming Hummingbird: Charting Your Life Journey the Shaman’s Way. This book is a fund raising project on behalf of a new community school for the Q’ero village of Chocamocco.

I am Publisher and CEO of Poiêsis Press, an indie publishing company with a small but varied list. I am currently working on a fiction project and a second book about the shamanic traditions of the Q’ero.

I live on the coast of northern California with my husband of 41 years. I have been blessed with an amazing life.


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