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Calling Jaguar

June 20, 2013

I had a long Skype session with fellow shaman and friend, Jo Bowlby, yesterday. Ever since I have been thinking about the change of seasons and how one might activate shift within at this pivotal time in the calendar.

How, I want to know, can I cultivate Jaguar?

Jaguar is the Fearless one, the archetype of transition, yes, the bridger between the worlds, but never within a framework of fear or regret or lament. Jaguar knows no enemies. This isn’t the airy fairy glazed over look of someone just out of yoga class. Uh uh. This Jaguar is the Mother of Power, of determination. She knows Death comes like a screaming banshee and she’s just fine with that. Meanwhile, she knows how to live large. Jaguar tells us not to live behind the curtain of our fears, our little lives infected by the collective horrors of a media’s rantings. Jaguar wants us to live out of bounds of death’s hands.

Does this seem simple? It might have been, back in the day, but as decades pass and collect, as experience almost seems like a game of chance we sometimes win ­– and often lose, then the balance sheet, the scales of lives lived well becomes a haunting. If we live thoughtfully, can we also live fearlessly? When death touches you, do you have the option to strike back? In the blackness of the dark night, what can you see with your jaguar eyes?

If there were one God, she would be long, black, and furry. She would stalk you when the time came, irrevocable and resolute, she would ask you to surrender to the universal earth that is her mother’s sister, only a small thing in a cosmos of endless darkness and shattering light. As it is, she is a suggestion of a life lived with strength, skill, bravery, and the knowledge that the forest will accept each of us in turn, no sooner, no later than is required.



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