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January 25, 2013

Imbolc In the darkness of winter we crave light, any light, and so this weekend as we come up to the full moon of January our instinct to close our eyes and sleep is disrupted by the clear bright ice of night: the Wolf Moon. The ancient ones marked this cross-quarter day Imbolc and celebrated the goddess Brighid, patron of poets and smiths– later adopted by the Catholics as ‘Candlemass’ honoring St Brigid. The message is light. Whether it be candle, fire, incandescent, or moonlight, whether it is the light in your lover’s eyes or the creative fire in your heart, this is the time to take notice of the light around you: stoke it, muck around in the ashes of the tribal collective and find the light of truths glowing at its edges. Re-sort, rearrange, and revisit your own personal truths, your own light. Like our brother wolves, we tend to learn our place and then conform, eating at a common table according to a predestined hierarchy of safety. Perhaps there are new ideas to welcome into our process? In preparation for the coming spring, now is the time to sit by the fire and sift through the embers of your life. What seeds will you plant come the time of the great thaw? What part of your tribe makes your heart glow with certainty? What must you abandon in order to step into the light of the full moon of winter?

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