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Winter Seeing

January 12, 2012

Winter Seeing


It is in our genetic memory. Somewhere in the fluid strands of our living is a set of codes that brings on seasonal longing. In summer we crave the sun. We want to stretch our physical selves with a sense of timelessness and youth. In fall, we become sober, serious planners and thinkers. In fall we sigh that summer is gone, but we are pragmatic and plan to move on.

            Come winter, we are battling a crippling fatigue, a reminder of our animal cousins who hibernate. The light is slanted, dim and short-lived. It creates shadows where we don’t expect them. Winter brings a silence down upon us. Deep within, we search for memory. We ache to sit at the fire of the ancestors, and some of us do, by passing over. The door of death seems more open in winter, more willing to take us. Death is, after all, all around us in the natural world.

            We want to come together as a tribe now. Lean forward and sit quietly, straining to hear every word spoken and not. We want to remember our stories. We want to see back to our destiny. Winter seeing.

            Winter seeing is a meditative journey, an opportunity brought by the paleness of light, the chill of the air, the softening of the world in snow and darkness. Now is the time to hone the stories we want to tell. To create with words an opening of peace, an opportunity that brewed quietly in winter will give birth in spring.

            Take advantage of the sacred geometry of your personal landscape, relish the relief from the sun. Find your den, your burrow, and go there with the two or three most sacred things you cherish, and be, just be. In the quiet space of your retreat, you will see your destiny. Be assured that to fill this quiet time with frenetic activity will only leave you exhausted when spring calls for the season of planting and rebirth. This is the time to empty your mind and let the muse fill it again with gentle ripples of truth. Remember your own personal and unique story and where it is you are meant to travel in this amazing journey that is life.


Jane Galer

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