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The Whales Destiny

December 22, 2011

Winter Solstice blessings!

I love this time of year, the low sun slanting through the trees to the south, the smell of wood smoke outside, the visiting water birds feasting on the full belly of the river, and the grey whales heading south to their birthing land. The Q’ero live at 12 thousand feet in the Andes mountains, and yet in their mythology they give great reverence to the whale, the largest creature on earth, she is the keeper of our destiny. The Q’ero say if you want to know how your life is going as a human, look to the whale. If they are well, we are well.

            The whale lives at the very top of the upper world realm, where all possibility resides. She is our collective memory. She is our potential self. Destiny lines begin to fray if neglected, begin to tangle if we abuse our gifts. The whale remembers the story we learned long before we were born and have now forgotten. Retrieving our best destiny requires us to look to the future to define who we are. We are not the sum of our past, a haggard being dragged forever downward by failures and broken dreams. To live fully, we must throw a line forward to the future we know we are capable of as our best selves. Be inspired, spend time by the fire remembering your story. This is the purpose of the long night of winter. Discard what is no longer of use, unhitch the past, throw out a line to that destiny that fills you with excitement and joy, take a step, a single step toward it, and speak with the whale.


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