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The Narcissist in the Mirror

December 2, 2011

The Narcissist in the Mirror


In ancient times if we wanted to know how we looked we had to ask someone. Our concept of our self as an animate body came from the responses we got from those around us. I imagine the unkempt and slovenly were told about it. And since we all came from some first clan (there are some 36 original clan mothers from whom all mitochondrial dna derive), for thousands of years our manner of presenting ourselves came from two things: expedience and nature. Clans with long straight hair bound it or cut it, clans with short kinky hair didn’t have to do anything. Who needed a mirror?


            The first mirror was a still body of water and it was the provenance of the shaman. The use of still water for scrying, or seeing into the future in a shamanic journey meditation was and is one of the most intense as well as basic methods of clairessence.

The shaman used this gift of seeing along with other powerful tools in order to track game for the hunt, to cure illness by tracking its cause, and to mediate politics between clans. When the shaman looked in the mirror, whether it was a cauldron of water, a well or a lake, or later, a piece of polished stone or metal, he didn’t see himself, he saw the future. His job was to act as a link to order, he was the ‘civilizer’.


When shamans look into the mirror now, they see the potential for chaos. It hangs over us, making us all tired and fractious. Chaos interferes with our ability to relate to each other. If we can’t relate, then we aren’t empathetic. Black Friday shopping behavior is an example of this gone extreme. Consuming for the sake of someone else’s wealth. But it’s more important than that. Isolation, exhaustion and chaos make us disagreeable pack animals rather than enlightened humans. And right now, enlightened humans is who we need to be.


When you look in the mirror the next time, don’t look with your vanity self, look for the face of someone else that needs your help most, and then think of one act of generosity you could do within ten minutes of leaving your bathroom. And do it.


With bright blessings for the season of winter,


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  1. December 4, 2011 4:00 pm

    Our soulmate is staring back at us from that mirror. We expend so much energy isolating and being isolated. Listening is minimal. There is so much fear and exhaustion, I fear we are working extra hard at turning away. We have far to go, far.

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