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Who do we think we are?

July 13, 2011

Now that the physicists have caught up– and we know that because television has covered the issue perhaps more than we’d wish–we can think about time as spiraling in multiple strands of synchronous evolution. Where we land on that endless continuum, none of us can say. I’d venture we are very new. Perhaps the delicate stranding of some phenomenal bright star, or maybe we’re an experimental line, cast out into the universe like a fly fisherman’s thread, only, sometime soon, to be jerked back for a retry.

Have we blown it? Or is there a chance we can live up to our own expectations? I’m not sure. Sometimes I struggle to align any of us with the best and the worst of the natural world, and fail at either end. If I look with hooded eyes, I can see progress; but all too often the masses of humanity are busy proving my optimism wrong.

What’s a goddess to do? Well, she could wipe us off the planet with plague, flood, fire…and it does seem as though she’s trying her hand in this way. She continues to try and educate us with gentle suggestions, nudges, and when all else fails, thunderclaps. Will we get it before it’s too late? At what point, taking our own US political system as an example, will we become responsible instead of selfish? Open hearted instead of dogmatic? Generous instead of gluttonous? Maybe never. Maybe we will deserve a bigoted, fundamentalist, ignorant candidate list from which we can chose someone less clever, less sensitive, less worldly than ourselves. We can, at that point, begin to destroy each other, selectively, by category.

And wouldn’t it be the height of evil, the pinnacle of irony for that candidate to be a woman? That would show us who’s boss. Sisters, run for your lives.


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