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Here comes the sun…

July 1, 2011

Here we are with another eclipse. All of the change and turmoil of June should settle into some real tangible shifts today. Have you felt it? I certainly have. It’s been an amazing month, all over the map emotionally but the end result has been the coming together of all the facets of my life. Now is the time for action. Anyone in their sixth decade as I am can easily tick off four or five lifetimes worth of varied interests, jobs, directions they either pursued or wish they had followed. It seems for me that I am being given an opportunity to thread all of my past potentials into one singular focus. And the best part is that it will also do what I keep nagging everyone else to do! That is, give back. Give back personally, within the family/tribe, but especially globally. If we don’t evolve, if we don’t change back into the nurturing feminine based species that we once were, honoring the earth as our mother and all the stars as her children, we will die out.

The Q’ero say that 2012 is the turning time. the time when, for them, the world will right itself. They count the upsidedown time from the arrival of the Conquistadors, who turned their world over, killed or enslaved them. Next year, they will regain their power, and I have been offered a chance to help them.

Here comes the sun.


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