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Bring On the Crone

June 23, 2011

Solstice Reflections – Bringing on the CroneJane Galer


I’ve talked about it, meant to do it “someday” but in spite of the hassle I never seemed quite ready to let go. What am I talking about? Hair, of course.

We’re vain, so vain, and somehow, it’s all about the hair. We spend millions on the look– the color, the cut– it’s a statement of our inner feminine self, a way to say to anyone with eyes, “this is me, now.” I’ve been famous for my hair, well, ok, in high school I was famous for my hair, long and thick, it was a great screen to hide behind while at the same time making the statement, “I’m sexier than you can imagine.”


So here we are, at the summer Solstice in the middle of a triple hit eclipse season that has forced me to take a good long look– not just in the mirror, but inside. With a birthday coming up that’s undeniable, a jarring emotional ride from the exhaustion of the solar fire burning up pathways and options faster than a match to a dead Christmas tree, to the moon in her full red splendor, I had nowhere to go but the mirror. The surface showed me one thing: a tired face, dark circles of hag worn sleepless nights bathed in the sweat of a body undone, bereft of hormones. Underneath, at the soul level, there was still a fire burning, but somehow I knew it needed to shift. There’s a difference between a fire that creates energy and one that uses it, like oxygen to persist. I needed the fire to create energy, and the way to get that was not superficial. Ceremony was required.


I got up on the morning of the solstice, took myself to the salon and rid myself of my hair. Monk like, I return to the mirror to see a new face, clear eyed, a hint of some serenity to come. My hair will grow out white, and grey, and yes, the crone has arrived. But the energy expended on that outward visage has turned inside, to soul energy, the fire is lit. Opportunity has arrived at my door within minutes of the ritual being finished. That’s how it works, synchronicity. If we’re in balance with the universe, everything happens as it should.


Blessings of the crone, of the solstice be upon each of us. Wisdom lies in change and balance. That’s what this season is all about. If you try to hold on to the status quo you will have a battle on your hands.


Blessed Be.

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  1. Tawny permalink
    July 1, 2011 4:01 pm

    Greetings, dear Crone – this is a profound and beautiful discovery to share, Galer. You’re quite brave. Thank you. The last few lines about change & balance ring so true. Embracing the new with ceremony is a good reminder.

    Miss you – Love and Blessings.


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