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Waxing Crescent

June 4, 2011

Here we are at a new moon, do you feel the energy to create? Are you full of projects and optimism about getting things done? Then you’re in tune. I’m feeling the new moon’s effects so strongly this cycle, lots of ideas, lots of tasks already up in the clouds being worked on at some level or another. This is what happens every month, we start the moon phase with ideas, and as the moon grows to fullness we have phases of particular kinds of effort we should be involved in–planting, nurturing, birthing– sometimes our projects don’t work out simply because we started them in the wrong phase. I was always curious about the details of the moon’s effects, so I studied with the astrologer Dana Gerhardt in her 12 month class.

I learned that I was born at the new moon, but throughout our lives we go through “phases” of the moon in decades of time, so right now I’m working in a crescent moon. A waxing crescent phase is particularly strong for me, it’s the best time for me to get lots of work done, make huge progress. I’d always heard about gardeners planting with the moon, but I never understood how important it was to actually do that! In many ways it’s intuitive.

Like most of the old ways and ancient writings, planting by the moon is logic. In the same way that Old Testament fables are for the most part simply ways to stay alive – don’t marry your brother, don’t eat raw meat (which is why salt is so important), have as many children as possible (develop your own workforce) etc. In the same way, the pagan feast days, called quarter and cross quarter days because they segment the year into its solstice and equinoctial parts, call for the fire to be doused, the fire pit cleaned, and then the fire rekindled. Simple housekeeping. But culture evolves this way, simple housekeeping gets dressed up in ritual and ceremony, in magic, and becomes a religious rite over time. To come together in groups of like minded souls we add a dose of magic to the everyday to join us together.

Working by the moon is logic + magic. Every night I catch a glimpse of the moon, I stop and honor her with words of praise and thanks. She binds me to this lifetime, and she charts the course of each month of the journey. The Q’ero call her Mamakilla, Grandmother Moon. She is female, of course. (How ever did the old man story start?). And from 12 thousand feet in the Andes on a clear night, nothing is more spectacular that Mamakilla in the fullness of her cycle.  jg June 4, 2011.


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