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Sacred Geometry

June 1, 2011

When there’s chaos all around, how do we anchor to core stability to ride it out? Take a look at the natural world. Pick something small and ordinary like a snail shell and study its geometry – artists have known for centuries about what is now being called “sacred geometry”. Sacred geometry points out the mathematical symmetry in nature. Artists use it in their creative work. Architects use it to design sacred buildings, but what’s important is to notice that chaos, which is the opposite of symmetry, is in our minds, not in nature.


Nature is a web of symmetry that is visible to us everywhere. In the spirals of an animal’s horn, the swirls and whorls of shells, there are patterns upon patterns in nature to reassure us that it is only ourselves that bring chaos. It is ourselves that create fear. Nothing else in our universe functions on a basis of promoting and then overpowering chaos and creating and then dispersing fear. How did we get to this point? Well, organized religion didn’t help. Organized religious dogma split our world into black/white, good/evil, dark/light, heaven/hell etc.. It’s a useful way to control an ill educated populous. Perhaps this was necessary a thousand years ago, but do we need this now?


What if we turn our backs on this dualism and think only in terms of our best selves? We no longer pander fear, we turn away from scare tactics that try to control our actions and beliefs. We reject fear in favor of the beauty and symmetry of nature.


Go out into the garden, find the sacred geometry that waits for you there.

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