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Evolve or Die Out

May 31, 2011

This is the season of the eclipse. In the next 30 days there are three eclipse passages, beginning with tomorrow’s partial solar eclipse, reaching a climax on the 15th with a full lunar and then closing the doors with another solar on July 1st. What do I mean, closing the doors? Haven’t you noticed? Everything is changing and everything seems to be flying by. Time is accelerating and our learning curve has to keep pace with that or we will not evolve as a species. Everyone I know is busy, harried, and either exhausted or exhilarated (notice that this is manic depressive keynote behavior). Whether you can’t wait to get up in the morning but have so many possible things to do that you feel frantic, or you are pulling the covers over your heads and dreaming amazing, vivid dreams, it’s all the same.

Heading into June and three eclipses over thirty days means that if you can focus, this is your moment. This is the opportunity to make huge strides in your life path. Ready for a complete change? Or just need to really step on board your own journey? This is the time. Work with the energy of eclipse and make change come face to face with you instead of sneaking up on you from behind when you’re not prepared. How? Decide what your priorities are, mark them down. Build an altar to the sun for tomorrow’s starting eclipse. Celebrate your decisions with a fire in honor of the heat of the sun, offer your written pledges to the fire so that the sun energy can take your words and make them come back to you as real.

Then get to work. We have two weeks until the lunar eclipse, an emotional reckoning. Two weeks to take steps to make your life more meaningful in the global collective. No one cares about just you, it’s not about that any more. WE are what is important, the birds, the insects, the furry ones, the great ocean creatures– in the end we are all the same and we must protect each other just as we must protect the earth who holds us. Eclipses are reminders of how insignificant we really are. Look up in the night sky during the lunar eclipse, find a star with your name on it. Being human in a universe of wonder is a privilege, it is up to us to protect those that cannot protect themselves from humans who are bent on destruction.

It’s very possible that everything important that will happen to you this year will happen in the next thirty days. Clear your mind, clear out the clutter of your life, set your goals, make peace be the focus of your energy.


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  1. June 1, 2011 9:35 am

    Couldn’t agree more, Galer. Thanks for crystalising these ideas for me and bringing to my attention the importance of the coming month. I shall be lighting a fire to the sun tonight. Take care x

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